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With evolutions in digital technology, it is no surprise that home buyers in Melbourne are moving with the trend as well and going digital in search of their dream homes. So here is the gist: if you are a real estate company in Melbourne, many of your home buyers are going to check the internet for available properties when they want to get their homes. This means they are very likely to look through your website before coming for your service as a real estate firm.

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It would amaze you to learn that more than 85% of homebuyers today check the websites of real estate for relevant information when they want to make their home purchases. More interestingly, statistics show that more than 40% of home buyers begin their home search on the internet.

So here is the unpleasant reality. Your real estate website is not going to just jump on the website searches of your prospective customers.

Practically, your website has to merit being on the top pages of Google and other search engines. And you know what? Customers are naturally impatient; they are very unlikely to view as far as the third and fourth pages of their internet searches.

What this means is that if you are not in the top pages, you are losing a whole deal of your customers as well as regrettably missing on enormous sales. Actually, you are losing them to your bitter competitors in Melbourne which makes it all more painful. So what is this SEO for real estate companies?

Real Estate Seo Specialist Melbourne

SE0 here refers to Search Engine Optimization. This is what gets your website showing higher in the top pages of search results. These are the search results of your prospective customers – that homebuyer searching for a home in Melbourne. Therefore appearing higher in those pages translates to massive lead generation and overwhelming sales. Doesn’t this sound interesting?

Well, let us polish this tasty reality with some exciting statistics:

95% of people that visit your website are people for whom your website shows in their search results

Being on the first pages of Google means the number of people who come to website is likely to be multiplied 35 times!!

Now you see why you are missing a miserably whole lot being away from the top of search engines? You definitely need to start your SEO. However, with over 200 search algorithm factors determining SEO and page ranking, you definitely can’t do it on your own. Therefore, SEO is best left for the experts – a local real estate SEO specialist Melbourne.

Real Estate Seo Specialist Melbourne

SEO Specialist Melbourne is a renowned SEO agency that has helped numerous real estate businesses transform their sales by installing their websites in the top pages of search engines. Being tested and proven experts in SEO, we assure you of supersonic increase in your SEO ranking for your real estate websites, beating the competition and outranking your rivals. We will get your website in the internet searches that matter giving you high value customers.

So let us put it this way. You have got the homes and we have got the homeowners, so how about you reach to us to get your home listings out of stock from overwhelming sales.


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